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We are a local Deep Cleaning services team of maids working hard to help refresh and renew homes across Houston. Our team has years of experience in home, apartment, and condo cleaning and is highly respected within the cleaning industry of Houston.

In search of home deep cleaning services to get outstanding clean-up services for your home that eliminate dirt and grime?

You must book our Deep Cleaning services in Houston from our house cleaning company to help ensure your home or apartment is sparkling clean and free from nasty dirt and debris.


The best deep cleaning services in Houston; hire our services if you arrange parties or any other event. Our maids will deep clean your house from top to bottom and leave it sparkling clean. We tend to all clean reachable areas of your home, apartment, and condos. You will feel a noticeable difference after getting our professional services.

There is a noticeable difference in the appearance of your home after our professionally trained and customer-focused staff has finished.

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Our Professional Maids In Houston

PERFECTLY DEEP CLEANING … Our experienced maids help you do that in your home with our professional deep cleaning service. We offer high-quality deep cleaning at a low cost, in the following cities. Click here for our full city list

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Deep Cleaning Perfectionists In Houston

The professional deep cleaning service, offered by Happy House Cleaning Services, is run by professional maids who are rigorously trained. They use the best cleaning supplies and techniques to ensure you have a smooth experience with your cleaning service needs in Houston

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What Is A Professional Deep Cleaning Service?

“Going the extra mile” Our deep clean will include tasks like window interiors such as window sills and window tracks, all baseboard hand wiped, inse kitchen and bathroom cabinets, dusting ceiling fans, and blinds. It involves all what needs to be done!



Our services include all the materials used to deep clean your house so that it may vary as per your requirement. We don’t ask for any hidden charges; all you have to pay us for is the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. Add ons charges will be included at the end.

Price is for a: 1 Bedroom,
1 Bathroom ,Apartment


Our booking process is convenient for all Houston clients, and we offer all services at affordable rates. Don’t hesitate to talk about your budget.

Last Minute Booking

HHCS welcomes last-minute booking cleaning orders subject to availability.

Quick Quotes

We provide quick price quotes online. So, you can enjoy the time because online communication makes it easy to stay connected with your cleaner.

Cash Free Payment Method

We accept credit cards or online payments. You can securely pay your cleaning bills via online payments.

What Areas are included in Deep House Cleaning Services?

Our maids will clean the dust and debris from all reachable areas in your home.
We will also clean the worst stains and ground-in mud that won’t come up with regular vacuums and household cleaners.

  • Bedrooms Deep Cleaning.
  • Bathrooms Deep Cleaning.
  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning.

The maids will clean all rooms in your home – whether your bathroom is in dire need of cleaning, let us know what you are looking for, and we will do the rest.

Contact Us at 1-713-425-8096 for free quotes with no upsell or hidden charges.

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We offer affordable rates for deep cleaning according to your home’s number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

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  • Clean Backsplash and counters
  • Wipe fridge exterior
  • Wipe microwave exterior
  • Clean exterior of stove
  • Dust or wipe exterior of cabinets
  • Sweep and mop floor
  • Clean and wipe trash can and replace liner
  • Load all dirty dishes to dishwasher
  • Clean and scrub sink and faucet
  • Dust AC grill
  • Wipe door and door frames
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  • Clean mirror with glass cleaner

  • Clean bath/shower and faucet

  • Clean sink and faucet

  • Clean/disinfect toilet: interior,base and tank

  • Dust or wipe exterior of cabinets

  • hand wipe and disinfect vanity tops

  • Remove trash, wipe down trash can and replace the liner.

  • Sweep and mop floor

  • Vacuum bathroom rug

  • Sweep and mop floor

  • Scrub and clean shower/tub tiles

  • Clean Shower’s glass door

  • Wipe door and door frames

  • Dust AC grill

  • Wipe reachable baseboards

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Living Areas & Bedrooms

  • Sweep,vacuum,and mop floors

  • Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures

  • Clean mirror with glass cleaner

  • Remove trash, wipe down trash can and replace the liner

  • Dust or wipe tables

  • Make the bed in all rooms

  • Clean and disinfect light switches

  • Clean all glass surfaces

  • Wipe reachable baseboards

  • Dust AC grill

  • Wipe doors and door frames

  • Clean or wash return air filter grill

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Laundry Room

  • Sweep and mop floor
  • Dust or wipe exterior of cabinets
  • Clean and disinfect the countertop and sinks

How much is the total cost for a deep house cleaning service?

A deep house clean service by HHCS is likely to vary in cost for various factors. Our company managers offer affordable, competitive rates to all our clients.

The following points may impact how much you have to pay.

  • The amount of dirt and grime in your home.
  • How many bedrooms do you need us to clean in your house.
  • Labor time and demand.
  • How many cleaners do you need to hire for a job.

Therefore, we always encourage you to call us or contact us online to get free quotes when you need deep cleaning or other services. We will then set you up with a custom plan of action.


“I am extending my contract because my mom loves their cleaning process. We couldn’t be more satisfied with their cleaning. I have always wanted such a cleaning company in Houston.”


Client, Happy Houses

“They worked efficiently and asked me what to do and what not to do. Highly satisfied. The booking process was smooth, and I appreciate how they reached on time. Thank you, team HHCS “


Client, Happy Houses

“You guys are the best! I have already recommended HHCS to my colleagues and my family. So happy! My house smelled great after their visit, and they left me speechless. Thanks, HHCS. “

Client, Happy Houses

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our deep cleaning services.

What are the plans for deep cleaning?

We offer customized cleaning services such as weekly, biweekly, and monthly plans. You can hire us according to your cleaning needs.

If there is any issue regarding the cleaning, who do I have to call?

We have set a standard that we have to maintain as per our company policy, but if you have any difficulty regarding services, you can directly call 1-713-425-8096. We will try our best to resolve the issue immediately.

What area do you cover in Houston?

We cover a 45 mins radius around Houston.

How often should an apartment be cleaned?

Cleaning an apartment is essential for a good impression on your physical and mental health and the visiting guests.