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trust is our priority

Save Your Time

HHCS house cleaners are experts and experienced in doing their job, so all over Houston, we have options that fit your daily schedule and your budget with our weekly House Cleaning Services. You will have dedicated maids that arrive on time and get your home clean quickly. Yes, you deserve a spotless home and more time to enjoy life!!

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Get a Healthier Home

When you invest in maid cleaning services from HHCS in Houston, your family will live in a cleaner home and enjoy germs and bacteria-free home also other health concerns because COVID-19 needs extra attention, disinfection, and cleaning. After that, you will be comfortable knowing your family lives in a new, cleaner home.

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Reliable Cleaning Experts

HHCS has decades of experience cleaning homes just like yours week after week. It took a lot of time to learn the most effective housekeeping services, and we can proudly say that our maids did it. We have professionally trained, bonded, insured, and dedicated maids. They know everything that you can expect from your cleaning team.

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Rentals Cleaning Service

With regular house cleaning services from our maids, you will never have to worry about the unexpected. If your guests drop in, your apartment will be clean and ready! And if you had a crazy time last week, hire Regular House Cleaning Services and get your home tidy to enjoy your weekend.

Deep Cleaning Service

The HHCS is one of Houston’s most trusted and reliable local house cleaning services, but you don’t have to trust our words—ask our satisfied customers about our deep house cleaning services. Independent research shows that our clients love our deep house cleaning services.

Moving Cleaning Service

Moving cleaning services will make cleaning easy because the best time to have your new home cleaned is before moving in. During Covid-19, having your new home tidy and cleaned before moving out can also give you peace of mind and good for your health.

Why Choose our Maids Cleaning Services In Houston?

Hiring professional maid cleaning services that clean for the health of their clients gives you much more than just a clean home: So let’s discuss why you choose HHCS house cleaning services in Houston.

Since your apartment, home or condo is already clean, and you have more time to do what you enjoy. From get-togethers to adventures, a professional maid cleaning service gives you more time to do the things you love.

Our Maids are:

  • Well Experienced
  • Pet Friendly
  • Excellent at communication
  • Give attention to detail

Honest and ReliableThat means fewer viruses, bacteria and a clean environment. HHCS offers a range of customized apartment and house cleaning services for clients of Houston. We can tackle nearly any cleaning project, whether in-home, apartment, or condo, with options that fit your budget and schedule, from weekly apartment maid services to biweekly and monthly cleaning plans.

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How Much The Service Will Cost

How much does a particular House Cleaning Service cost?

We can proudly say that our House Cleaning Services charges are low compared to other cleaning companies. If we talk about the average cost of maid services in Houston, it is between $100 to $120 per hour for each cleaner. Most homeowners report costs between $180 to $400 on average, depending on their cleaning service. In some cases, they may charge per square foot.

Our maid services cost range depending on these factors, including:

  • Location: Labor costs
  • Type of cleaning services: Regular cleaning, one-time cleaning, move-out or move-in cleaning, or deep house cleaning.
  • Surfaces that need more attention, such as marble.
  • Number of rooms that require cleaning.

Also, we don’t add any hidden charges. You can call us on our number to get free quotes about service charges.


You can also customize our checklist according to your budget.

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Our Excellent Service

Our reputation for excellence in maid cleaning services in Houston is better than other company cleaning services. HHCS has earned a name for quality and best services for more than twelve years. The homeowners rely on our services.
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Immediate Estimates

We provide free quotes all over Houston. Call us to get the estimates of our House Cleaning services. Our booking process is smooth. Enjoy your free time rather than worrying about the mess. You cannot underestimate the power of good cleanliness.
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Fully Bonded Staff

Our maids at your home have no privacy issues because HHCS has fully bonded and insured staff. We consider our customers part of our team, and we try our best to maintain our high standards. Our cleaning services are fast, efficient and quick. you can find nowhere else.
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Adopt Your Plan

HHCS maids will adapt your plan, or each cleaner will clean you according to the checklist of our company or according to your customized lists. You can talk freely to our customer department about your budget. We are like a family. Request a quote any time.

Personal Endorsements from our Clients

“I was super happy to have HHCS at my home last week, and they did a thorough job! I want to say keep it up. ”

John Isaac

Client, Happy Houses

“I feel so secure having them around during my house cleaning. They provide quality services and also give my house a new look. “


Client, Happy Houses

“You guys should be proud of your services. I must say! Everything they did was satisfactory. Thank you so much, team HHCS. “


Client, Happy Houses

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

This is the section you can look for the frequently asked questions about our corporate cleaning services.

What if my home is not clean as expected?

We have an option of referrals within 24 hours, and you can call us and get your expected home area a redo cleaning.

Is it safe to trust your cleaners with house keys?

You can trust us with the house keys, as all of our keys are coded and locked in a safe storage company box which can only be accessed by the Directors of Happy Houses Cleaning Company.

What to prepare before the maids' arrival?

Not necessarily, but please make sure your important documents or personal belongings are in your custody or in a safe place.

Do you provide your cleaning service in my area?

We are providing our services in Houston and 45 mins from its surrounding.